How To

How to prepare yourself for Celfie Sunless tan:

*Exfoliating your skin will help make your tan last longer 

*Wax or shave before your spray tan.

*Make sure skin is nice and clean no lotions, deodorants or make up.

*Best time to spray is at bedtime in your shower and go to bed wearing loose clothing let the solution set overnight at least 7 hrs. Remember to cover your feet if spraying in shower and just mist very lightly at the end of your spray to avoid getting your feet over sprayed, washing your hands is a good idea too. The color starts to show within a hour or two and really kicks in within 3.5 hrs. You will wake up shower and be ready to show off your gorgeous tan.


After care:

*Be sure to keep your skin good and moisturized. 

*Remist yourself lightly after about 3 days to keep your tan looking tan perfect.